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Where yoga began is where we begin.
With master teachings from India.
Connected on your device anytime.

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"Your Path to an Awakened Life, with Authentic Teachings for a Dynamic, Modern Practice. Our quality content addresses the need for a complete yoga: including wisdom, meditation, breath work, lifestyle teachings and specific techniques for life’s challenges. New videos added weekly. Live streams with a Master every month. Audio downloads, like guided meditations, talks, and gong baths… It’s like having a Master Guru with you anytime. Learn more"


We help you learn how to use Sattva Connect
Whether a beginner or deepening your yoga and meditation practice, we offer you a simple “how to” guide to navigate your path.
We help you build a solid foundation, because in this age of over-information it’s important to have curated, authentic guidance from the source.
Master teachings from India, connected on your device anytime.

Members get full access to the videos, downloadable audio, and monthly live
streamed talks and guided meditations.
Sattva Yoga Classes
Wisdom Talks
Pranayama -Breath
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Your Gift

Get the course "7 teachings From The Highest Pass" for free upon sign up. This course delivers seven written and  video chapters , revealing previously unseen footage from the award winning documentary "The Highest Pass".
  • Richard Shea

    “At age 70, I want to say it’s never too late to start. And the quality content means that I get the gems right away, and am not searching through 1000’s of videos to find them. It’s well curated and I feel guided as it gives me the steps to use the site wisely.”

    Richard Shea
    Retired Real Estate Investor
    Richmond, VA
  • Sylvie Lafleche

    Sattva Connect is a lifestyle practice, an essential toolbox where one can access the necessary wisdoms in a simple, intuitive, and intelligent way.

    Sylvie Lafleche
    Yoga Studio Owner
    Toronto, Canada
  • Mark Neiber

    “Downloadable audio talks and guided meditations. Perfect for long drives. A gong bath from India, right in my home, on my iphone anytime. That’s awesome.”

    Mark Neiber
    Aruvedic Specialist and Adventurer
    Big Bear, California
  • Chris Dale
    “I find the teachings on Sattva Connect are so on point. With the increased connection and accessibility, meditation has now become a bigger part of my life, and I even will guide some group meditations now. Thank you all.”
    Chris Dale
    Internet Sales Specialist
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Linn-Tanja

    “Anand’s teachings help me to know my true power and stand in truth. I also notice my children behave differently when I have practiced the kriyas, teachings, and yoga. They seem to pick up on my peace.”

    Yoga Teacher and Mom
    Ørjasæter, Norway
  • Neil Meyer

    “Sattva Connect is a priceless gift. The practice has now become part of my daily existence.”

    Neil Meyer
    Interior Designer
    Nelspruit, South Africa
  • Denise Dolan

    “The Sattva Connect site is a brilliant source of universal wisdom and life-changing practices that are easy to access. If you feel stuck or simply desire to expand and grow beyond your current state with ease, I recommend that you use this site wholeheartedly. Do not take my word on this, try it out for yourself and be your own testimonial. More than a source if inspiration, Sattva Connect is a life-changing approach that is appropriate for all ages and backgrounds.

    Denise Dolan
    Mindful Living and Relationship Coach
    Richmond, VA