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Sattva Connect gives you access to the ancient, authentic knowledge that elevates consciousness and leads you to you. This rich spiritual heritage of knowledge has been channeled and preserved in the Vedic scriptures for thousands of years by yogis in the sacred lands of Rishikesh, India, the Yoga Capital of the world. From the banks of the mighty Ganges River and within the immensely powerful foothills of the Himalayas, we bring you Sattva Connect. Its authentic teachings and integrative approach to yoga will truly take your practice, your experience, and your state to the highest potential of consciousness. We share the teachings that have remained secret for a very long time, due to their incredibly transformational value.

Through Sattva Connect, they are shared in a manner that you can easily access to awaken that same knowledge that you have within yourself. This is not something foreign. You have, within yourself, the supreme knowledge of meditation, pranayama, asana, kriya, and mantra. The very precise methodology in Sattva Connect will help you to evolve by reawakening your own personal practices. For us, yoga is unity consciousness. Yoga is in everything. That is why the content on Sattva Connect is so diverse, yet with that same unity consciousness embedded in every bit of content. You will have access to modules, live streams of teachings, and live discussions to connect you with your thriving global community. You will have access to people who also have a similar passion to evolve, who have a similar vocabulary, who perceive and want to experience life in an evolved manner. Whether you have only ten minutes a day or all day, this connection, this knowledge, can revolutionize your life. So join us as you have found what you have been looking for your whole life.

It is time for you to dive deeper in the great sea of knowledge, the great sea of Self-realization, so that you may realize and remember who you are and thrive in this human incarnation of yours as a soul. Illuminate yourself and spread your light. That is the purpose of yoga and we are here to serve that. 


Who Is Sattva Connect For?

Sattva Connect is relevant to every human being interested in living an optimal life, a life of expanded consciousness and living enlightenment. As we go deeper, there is incredible power in how this knowledge can transform every aspect of our life. Whether you are new to your journey, deeply yearning for an unknown something more, or you are a long-time practitioner seeking to overcome a plateau or to receive advanced spiritual support to living enlightenment, then you have come to a clean source, where you can stay connected to the practices that will expand and support your vision and path. Whatever level you are, whatever age, body type, or background, the teachings are relevant for you.

They will meet you exactly where you are. It does not matter who you are, your story, your skin color, your age, what you have or what you don't, what people think of you, how much pain you have, or where you have failed in life, each and every one of us carries some damage inside.

However, inside you also exists an infinite potential. In your own heart, you know the truth. Only when you have access to this truth will you be ever free. It’s time for you to claim your power. Sattva Connect elevates each and every individual to a higher support level of consciousness and is here to support your journey to awakening.



Why Sattva Connect?

We are living in powerful times. We've entered an age of increasing speed on the level of information and technology, but there is also a great urge in the heart to slow down. The time is now for us to make these teachings more accessible to help raise the individual and collective state of consciousness. Yoga is the spiritual heritage and technology of humanity. The time has come for the information, technology and teachings that evolve our consciousness to become more available to us across the world – irrespective of where we are. If each of us practices individually and we collectively start to come together, that is how this planet will evolve and shift for our higher purpose. This is why the collective vision of Sattva Connect has arisen. Every Sattva Connect teacher is dedicated to bringing you the best, the highest, the most supreme knowledge that the yogis have to offer. You will have full spectrum support, full spectrum knowledge. You will be able to integrate into your daily living the radical, revolutionary, transformational, authentic, ancient teachings coming from the great depth of the Himalayas. These are deep teachings that you cannot have access to in commercial studios. So if you want to pursue the deeper Self, you have to take this as your own intimate and personal step. You deserve it for this is ultimately the knowledge of your own soul. Come join us to evolve. Come join us to transform and thrive, to experience living enlightenment, to experience vitality, clarity, and evolution. Experience your own true nature. It is your birthright to be blissful. Our sincerest intention is to help you, to give you access to this, from here at the base of the Himalayas to wherever in the world your body is right now.

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