Authentic Teachings and Integrative Practices

Gain access to incredible teachings and full-spectrum practices.

Yoga is the spiritual heritage of humanity born in the silence of the great Himalayas. From the Himalayas, these teachings came down toRishikesh and from there they have spread throughout the world. These teachings belong to each and every one of us. We are living in a time when the evolution of consciousness is of paramount importance.

When authentic teachings are far removed from their source, they can become polluted, diluted, and confusing. The vision of Sattva Connect is to share these ancient teachings in a clear, authentic, and transformative manner through a full-spectrum approach that stays true to the wisdom that the ancient teachings offer.

On Sattva Connect, you will have access to the authentic, undiluted teachings of Himalayan masters at your fingertips. When you can learn from the source, why learn in a studio?

Integrative Practices

For Sattva students, there is nothing that is not yoga. That is why Sattva Yoga has such an integrative, holistic approach. It is fresh, alive, and ever-evolving. It has been designed as an integrative approach, meaning it guides your journey both on and off the mat. Sattva Yoga genuinely impacts all aspects of your life and delivers the full and radical value of yoga in its true, evolutionary manner.

Sattva in Sanskrit means whole. The practice of yoga is actually intended to be whole as well. It is not reduced to just a sequence of yoga asanas that are just one small aspect of yoga. The yogis of the Himalayas practiced the whole yogic science so they could access higher states of consciousness as well as higher physical abilities.

The path of Sattva Yoga is integrative because it is one of the most comprehensive approaches to yoga in the world today. With its roots in the timeless Vedic and Tantric traditions, Sattva Yoga was developed in the Himalayas after years of study and research. It incorporates and transcends all branches of yoga, bringing together the entirety of essential practices and ancient yogic teachings, contemporary science and mind-body research in a radically holistic and powerfully evolutionary way to create a clear path for the individual to experience a full, healthy, abundant, and joyous life. It is an integral lineage experience that is an ever-evolving and inclusive practice of meditation, kriya, asana, movement, pranayama, radical aliveness, and timeless wisdom. Coming together like this, a new layer of intelligence is occurring as Sattva Yoga engages us in new ways of being.

Sattva Yoga

The Sattva Yoga path offers unique and potent practices. It embraces transformational meditation and Tantric kriyas which work with the subtle electricity of the body. It incorporates Vinyasa flows that channel the movement of energy, Himalayan Kundalini practices to awaken the power within, and pranayama to cultivate the breath and nourish the body with vitality. Sattva Yoga balances the divine feminine and the sacred masculine through chi and laya movements and uses mantra sound work to expand energy fields, radically shift the mind, and break down barriers. It also encourages partner work to connect us with our highest Self through the others. The practice of Sattva Yoga cultivates the experience of non-duality, where both stillness and movement exist at the same time. Sattva Yoga is freedom, movement, depth, stillness, transcendence, joy, compassion, grace, and truth. The practice is a powerfully transformative experience that awakens the Self and leads you to your full potential so you may illuminate yourself and spread your light.

With tools and techniques to address and transform all five koshas (layers) of the human body, each yoga journey brings about a subtle cellular shift, a dynamic mind-body experience, as well as a mindful meditative experience. The practices increase strength, build vitality, and create mental clarity. They help raise our consciousness and enable us to live a life full of joy and possibility. The Sattva Yoga practice meets you where you are now. From the beginner to a seasoned practitioner, it provides a complete and powerful pathway to self-mastery and a radically alive life.

Sattva Practices

A Sattva yogi is committed to the path, a sincere practitioner. On that path, individuals live life as a practice. A Sattva yogi is always a student, even as a teacher.

Sattva yogis care deeply about coming together to have a community of truth and a sense of sacred relationship within that community. When we tap into each other’s capacity to evolve, the community can be stronger than the individuals. Sattva Yoga is a way of living by example. Community goes beyond just the humans living on this planet to the environment and welfare of all creatures. We behave in a manner that supports and aligns with nature and have a sense of responsibility and a deep compassion for our planet and all beings.

Sattva practices are based on the ancient knowledge that where our attention goes, energy flows. As a result, Sattva practices focus on regular, conscious rituals that allow us to cultivate our connection to Self, to unity consciousness, devotion, and receptivity. In the absence of conscious rituals, unconscious rituals start to dominate our life and foster a mundane, unawakened experience of living.

The practices of Sattva Yoga use precise techniques, performed consistently and mindfully, so that the rituals consistently raise the overall living quality of life. Gain the insight that what you are attending to every day becomes your life.