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Profound teachings were born in the Himalayas. The yogic teachings all come from rishis, seers. The rishis went to the upper Himalayas and developed the great science of yoga. Then those rishis came down to the base of the Ganga and settled in the place now known as Rishikesh. The word “rishikesh” means the abode of the rishi, the one who sees, the seer.

In a way, Rishikesh became the silicon valley of consciousness. Yogis came from all over the Indian subcontinent to exchange and share teachings and knowledge. Rishikesh became a powerful center for the development of the yogic tradition. In the 1960s and ‘70s, teachers from Rishikesh made a huge impact all over the world. The Beatles came to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; people came to Sivananda Saraswati, to Swami Rama, and others. Over time, Rishikesh has become synonymous with yoga.

Rishikesh and the surrounding Himalayan mountains are high-vibration places with strong vortexes of energy and deva consciousness. People from all walks of life and a variety of nationalities come to Rishikesh to study, practice, and learn. They come to experience a strong body with a clear mind and an elevated spirit.

About Live Stream

The yogic tradition is fundamentally an oral tradition. Anand delivers live streams on Sattva Connect that combine satsang, wisdom talks, and meditations You and many others will be able to listen to Anand talk at the same time, tapping into the same frequency to evolve together. You will be able to ask questions, share thoughts, and be a part of the vibrant sangha. Teachings and guided meditations fromAnand help us all stay connected to our sangha, hearing wisdom directly from an Indian Master Yogi. In addition, live streams will also be made during the annual Sattva Summit and be given by dedicated Sattva teachers to offer a diverse range of wisdom, guidance, and practices that support the exclusive content available to you as a member.

About Satsang and Wisdom Talks

On Sattva Connect, you will have the opportunity to join thesangha (community) and have access to supreme knowledge through satsangs and wisdom talks. One of the most important teachings of the yogic science is Gyana Yoga, the yoga of wisdom, supreme knowledge. The art of approaching satsang is to drop any judgment and come from silence to hear truth and experience wisdom. It is beyond information. It is about transformation.

One of the reasons we experience conflict in life is due to incorrect knowledge and incorrect application of that knowledge. You will be able to correct your intellect, refine and expand your consciousness, and gain access to living knowledge, not just the static conceptual knowledge. First, recognize the wisdom, then contemplate it deeply and experiment with the truth of the wisdom. Experience the great teachings of the sages and allow your view of the world to alter and expand.

Awaken your own innate wisdom and gain access to supreme knowledge that gives you clear understanding. You will find wisdom to apply to all aspects of life. When we apply this clear understanding, it sets us free from conditioning, which is at the base of all suffering. We free ourselves from limited thinking, limited perception, and self-sabotaging patterns. When you have access to this truth, you will forever be free.

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